Case Study: Taking a company specific annual employee benefits booklet and personalizing it to each team member – making it employee specific.

ProGraphics helps a top southeastern company take their annual benefits communications to a new level with the BenefitsFactorâ„¢ program for personalizing and customizing company benefits and employee services.

Company: This large, well-established company sees providing benefits for its employees a top priority. Their philosophy is one of preventative care and healthy living vs. a fix-it approach to health care. Much time and effort goes in to establishing programs for health, dental and vision insurance, retirement plans and other resources to help employees, their spouses and their dependents be proactive with their health.

Challenge: While all employees have the opportunity to obtain benefits, the options and programs vary depending on the specific division of the company and role of the employee. Employees have the opportunity to participate in certain programs and can opt in or out, depending on their needs and specific situation. The challenge was to develop communications that had a high level of detail and be specific to each employee. Additionally, the company wanted to take the presentation of the benefits to a new level by enhancing the overall look and feel of the statements.

Solution: In order to provide accurate, detailed and employee specific information in the benefits summaries, two versions of the benefits statements were developed, which were then further customized to include employee specific information. By incorporating company provided content into the BenefitsFactorâ„¢ program, all goals were achieved. BenefitsFactorâ„¢ has recommended designs, which were used as the basis for organizing and presenting the information. Additionally, data was provided to ProGraphics for customizing each statement for each employee – making each and every benefits statement employee specific.

Benefits: Company-established health insurance, retirement ando ther programs are only beneficial if they are actually used by the company’s employees. By making the statements easier to understand and specific to each employee, the programs were presented in a more personal way so employees could make well-informed decisions, without feeling overwhelmed by options. Also, by limiting the options to what was really available to each person, in other words segmenting the content into different versions, there was less “unused” information in each statement. All content became relevant to the employee.

You’ve spent countless hours reviewing the best medical and benefits plans for your employees. Now, take the extra step to communicate it all in one place, regularly so team members know how much you value them. Let ProGraphics help.