In the print world, better knowledge leads to better quality. It’s why, at ProGraphics, we offer a wide variety of training for our clients, as well as intensive training for our own employees.

For our clients, we tailor training to their needs. We might talk about pre-press and how to best create and send your company’s files. We may discuss ink colors – the best colors to print with, the best colors for reproducing. We might get into coatings and varnishes or sheet-fed versus web – whatever our clients need to know, we’ll cover it.

For our own pressmen, we’ll regularly conduct training sessions to keep them knowledgeable and current. We’ll cover press operation – new innovative products, how to troubleshoot problems on press, and more. We’ll teach color theory – how light works, how your eye sees color, how your brain interprets color.

All this training makes our clients more knowledgeable, more print-savvy. It makes our lithographers better printers. It makes for a better client-printer relationship – better knowledge, better communication, and, in the end, a better-printed product.