Chicago Or Bust

It had to be there – no ifs, ands or buts. The job was printed, but time was running out. Normally it would be shipped out, but could we really take a chance on turning this time-critical delivery over to someone else?

The answer, according to the ProGraphics sales representative in charge, was “no.”

So, to make sure the job delivered beyond a shadow of a doubt, the sales rep took it upon himself to rent a truck and drive to Chicago.

With a lot of determination, and a lot of coffee, he and the shipment indeed arrived at the client’s Chicago office.

On little sleep. And on time.

Whatever It Takes

At ProGraphics, we are a privately owned printing company. So we can do things that bigger, publicly owned printing companies simply can’t.

We can rush a job. We can work all night. We can stop on a dime. We can change directions. We can invent new techniques. We can – and we will – do whatever it takes to meet our clients’ needs.